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Victoria Foundation has a new fund to support innovative one-year pilot projects at Newark Public Schools that fall outside of the school's regular budget. These projects can be managed by school personnel or by a nonprofit partner that applies along with the school. Eligible projects must fall into one of four general areas, each one managed by a local intermediary partner. The applications go directly to the intermediary organization for consideration. Find out more at our next information session happening on January 10th at 2:00 pm at the Priory.

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Letter of Intent Details 

Contact the intermediary organization below to learn more about applying for a VF Public School Grant in one of these four areas:

Victoria Foundation no longer accepts letters of intent or proposals directly from public schools or school management organizations in Newark. Four local intermediary organizations conduct grantmaking on behalf of the foundation, provide capacity-building related to evaluation, program enhancement and fundraising, and convene school leaders to share best practices.

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